veterinary ultrasound table

Looking for a Veterinary Ultrasound table that is comfortable and easy to use? Look no further than the Veterinary Ultrasound Table! This table is designed specifically for Veterinary Ultrasound and is height-adjustable to ensure maximum comfort for both you and your patient. The Veterinary Ultrasound Table also features ergonomic design to prevent injuries and reduce patient stress. Plus, the better patient visualization afforded by this table saves you time in the long run.

Features and ease of use

Veterinary Ultrasound Table is the perfect table for your needs. With an electric lift, you can continuously adjust the table height for perfect presentation of both large and small animals, minimizing physical strain for the operator during long scans.

The operator’s arm is supported by an armrest while the assistant comfortably controls the patient. Two adjustable gel pad armrests add to operator comfort.Patients are more comfortable and less anxious on the Veterinary table. The table lowers for comfortable transfer of patient onto Ultrasound platform. A fitted Stat-Matt® cushion helps assure patient comfort when being restrained against platform. Reduced scanning time means patients can get off the table sooner.

Better patient visualization saves time. The tabletop surface helps improve imaging in any patient position – dorsal or lateral – and enhances comfort for the operator and assistant. Veterinary table has two special cutouts in the transparent top that provide access for nipples in bovine patients, making imaging easier and more efficient.

Accessories and tools

Introducing our new line of ultrasound accessories! The Ultrasound Swing Arm with 3 probe holders is a must-have for any veterinarian. It securely holds any laptop-style ultrasound unit up to 16” x 17”, and has three deep-pocket probe holders to keep your probes securely in place during procedures. The arm can be positioned to the left or right of the table, and has a maximum weight capacity of 25#. For the ultimate in clarity and visibility, check out our new Olympic Ultra-Bright LED Procedure Light. It’s perfect for any veterinary procedure, and fits into a drop-in socket with no tools required. And for even more versatility, try our Olympic Advanced LED Procedure Light. It also fits into a drop-in socket and has a versatile design that can be used for a variety of procedures. Both lights are available now, and can be used with our Ultrasound Swing Arm or any other compatible ultrasound accessory. Order now and be sure to have everything you need for your next ultrasound procedure!


Looking for a way to make your veterinary practice more efficient and comfortable? Look no further than the Ergonomic Veterinary Table. This table is adjustable to minimize lifting of heavy patients and has special cutouts to adjust to the size of the patient for ideal positioning every time. The optional swing arm holds most laptop-style ultrasound units, and the drop-in LED exam light with dimmer provides complete light control. This table is perfect for any veterinarian who wants to streamline their practice and provide the best possible care for their patients.

The Veterinary Examination Table is the perfect addition to any vet’s office. With its easy to use design, the Veterinary Examination Table allows vets to quickly and easily examine animals. The table’s top is made of durable, easy to clean materials, and the table’s height is adjustable to allow for comfortable examination of all animals. The Veterinary Examination Table is a must have for any vet’s office.

TheThe Veterinary Ultrasound Table: The perfect accessory for your veterinary practice.


veterinary ultrasound table

The best ultrasound accessories for your veterinary ultrasound table!