How to keep rabbit cage from smelling ,How to Keep a Rabbit Cage from Smelling Bad

  • Rabbits are one of the cutest animals in the animal kingdom. Besides being cute, they are famous for their bad smell.
  • ın fact, the cause of the bad odor is not because of the rabbits, but because of the because of things we miss while caring. In this article, we will tell you why rabbits smell and their solutions.


  • If your rabbit cage has started to smell bad and you are looking for a solution, you and your rabbit will be very happy if you do certain items.

A- Follow your rabbit’s health status and always check it. If your rabbit has a persistent odor, it may be due to a health problem. Generally, this odor may be due to urine accumulation. In such cases, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

B- If you have your rabbit neutered, it always gives positive results. You will prevent urine odors and spraying situations.

C- Train your rabbit. In this way, you will ensure that it is cleaner and behaves. You can teach rabbits to defecate in a certain area just like cats toilet training.

D Be careful what you feed your rabbit, because what they eat can cause diarrhea and give off a bad odor.

E- Make your rabbit’s cage out of good material. Because some materials cause more odor due to urine and poop contamination.

F – You should always keep the bedding of the rabbit in the cage clean. Also, rabbits usually eat the bedding they lie on. Therefore, straw or special aspen pieces, are special garbage. there will be no odor if pellets are used.


A – Make the rabbit cage out of plastic, because other materials give off the smell of urine more.

B –Try to feed your rabbit grass from time to time. It protects intestinal health and prevents the smell of urine.

C Make sure that the area where the rabbit lies in the cage is dry and not wet. Don’t feed your rabbit coriander because it causes intestinal disorders, so it may smell.
Let the rabbit’s water bowl be large and not have a chance to topple over. Let the things you put under the rabbit be water- absorbing materials.

D-Feed your rabbit high fiber foods.
Straw, fresh vegetables, biscuits and lots of water.

How to Keep a Rabbit Cage from Smelling Bad