Rabbit Skeleton and rabbit skeleton anatomy 2022

Rabbit Skeleton consists of 212 bones (excluding teeth, auditory bones, and sesamoid bones). The bones in the Skeleton of Rabbit are the skull, 22 to the thorax, 66 to the shoulders and front legs, and 54 to the hind legs. The remaining bones from the spine, consist 
of 46 bones, including 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 7 lumbar vertebrae, 4 sacral vertebrae, and 16 caudal vertebrae.
rabbit skeleton


Rabbit Skeleton have two pairs of incisors within the maxilla and one pair of incisors within the mandible, allowing zoologists to naturally distinguish between rabbits (and lagomorphs in most cases) and rodents with only one pair within the maxilla and one pair within the mandible. In the rabbit, the second incisor is placed in the back of the first and is accordingly absolutely hidden.

All incisors are blanketed with a layer of enamel that’s thinner on the back than on the front, enabling the rabbit to sharpen its teeth by using submitting the higher ones closer to the lower ones. It has a longitudinal groove on its entrance face.
Canines are absent, and there’s a strong diastema that separates incisors from premolars (three + 2 pairs) and molars (3 + three pairs).

how many rabbit bones ?

total of 212 bones

What is rabbit anatomy ?

It has a flat and broad, but also agile anatomy.

Does rabbits have dog teeths?

No it’s not