Riverdale Animal Hospital (Bronx area animal hospital )

Will you come visit the Riverdale Animal Hospital for a little fill of love?

Riverdale Animal Hospital is a compassionate animal hospital that provides free veterinary services to the community. The hospital provides affordable care for furry friends and has a team of experienced veterinarians dedicated to providing animals with the best possible care. They offer a variety of services, including health screenings, boarding and treatment for sick animals, pet adoptions, and more. In addition to its wide array of services,

Riverdale Animal Hospital is also home to one of the largest animal populations in the area. Riverdale Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital that specializes in providing quality care for animals. The hospital has been serving the community for over 40 years and provides a wide range of services to its patients. From animal birth to post-mortem care, Riverdale Animal Hospital has something for everyone.

Riverdale Park Animal Hospital would like to welcome you. Riverdale Park Veterinary Hospital Riverdale MD is a full-service veterinary facility.
Commit to delivering high-quality veterinarian care for the rest of your life.
Our pet services and facilities are intended to aid with normal preventative maintenance.
This hospital provides care for young, healthy dogs, as well as early detection and treatment of illness.
During pet aging and surgery, we provide the appropriate medical and surgical care.
We recognize the vital role your pet plays in your family throughout their lives, and we are dedicated to being your partner in your pet’s treatment.

We strive to provide the best service possible by treating your pet as if it were our own.
Our complete healthcare team is dedicated to providing individualized service by offering quality medical and surgical training with compassion and an emphasis on the client.
Pay close attention to the specific problems of each pet owner.

Riverdale Animal Hospital


  • As Jorge san Luiz, I got great feedback and help from your customers at 2:00. Thank you.
  • Everyone who works here, including the doctor and all the technicians, is very helpful.
  • We can say that they love their job and animals very much.
  • Pricing is also standard and affordable, I trust them.
  • Doctor Jake is invaluable with my pet. ( google May 2022 )
  • The staff and this office are very professionally and efficiently managed.
  • ‘My 2 dogs peetie and Prada are easy to care for
  • I can give these extra stars. sheila M. (google review June 2022)
  • 2022 largest and most animal hospital. Dr. Explain everything to Sundar and follow the rules and advice.
  • Technicians are great at handling friendly dogs.
  • The temperament of dogs is important. Pet care is never cheap, the prices for these pets are very reasonable and the price is fixed

The animal hospital has taken incredible care of my two dogs over the years and I am wholeheartedly looking forward to many more years of continued care.
Dr . I think Sundar and his team are the best you can recommend to any pet-owning parent.
Possible care for animal babies. andrea y. (yelp review July 2022)
since 2020, I have brought 3 pets here in 2 years, 2 years have passed, one of them is quite old, the other, unfortunately, is weak, suddenly fell ill, and then did not respond to treatment and passed away.Dr . Sundar and his team did their best to solve all our questions that we felt.
They did a thorough assessment for pets every time, and I continue to receive services. jade D. (yelp August 2022)
Today we found a sick cat at work, and they were the nearest veterinarian to us. Everyone was very friendly and took care of us right away. The office is clean and the veterinarian and veterinary technician have examined it in detail.Jul.
The instructions and prices are reasonable. liz b. (yelp review March 9, 2022)
I am grateful to the staff who work here, everyone is very friendly and friendly.
They were very helpful in dealing with my dog when he had a problem with vomiting, the doctor did not overcharge us for extra tests , he spoke to us in a friendly way.
And to be honest, we didn’t get a lot of fees out of our wallets.It turned out that the reason for my dog’s vomiting came precisely from what he ate.
‘bigger/taller breed and a slow feeder raised bowl was needed for him’
esophagus, so that food can reach the stomach a little easier. but it was good’

Riverdale Animal Hospital

Our staff for more than 10 years aims to provide the best possible personal service.
We are committed to treating all pets as our own
We encourage responsible pet ownership. preventive health care and
We offer health education opportunities for our passionate customers.

Call us for a message or an appointment. for emergencies occurring outside 718-884-4133

ADDRESS: 3619 Kingsbridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10463


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