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Looking for a place to keep your cat close by? Check out a cattery! Catteries provide cats with loving care while their owners are away, and can be a great option if you’re not able to take your cat on regular pet-sitting visits. Many catteries also offer special services such as veterinary care and litterbox cleaning.

Cattery Near You that Offers Customized Care for Your Pet!

Looking for a cattery that can provide customized care for your pet? Check out our list of catteries near you that offer personalized service! Whether you need one-on-one attention or want to leave your pet with a group of likeminded animals, these catteries can accommodate you.

check out lıst catterry
check out lıst catterry

1-Ferndown Cattery

Ferndown Cattery is the perfect place for you and your cats to stay while you’re away. The cattery has been designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, and features a range of fantastic accommodation options to choose from. Whether you want to stay in one of our self-catering cottages or hire one of our luxurious suites, Ferndown Cattery has something perfect for you and your furry friend. Plus, we offer a range of additional services such as pet care, grooming and litter disposal, so you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of while you’re away. Come and visit us today – your cat will thank you!


Welcome to Cleracres Cattery, Bristol’s premier licensed boarding cattery. We are proud to offer our guests a wide variety of pet cats from some of the best pedigree lines in the country. Our facilities are top notch and our staff is experienced and passionate about taking care of your cat. We offer a wide range of services including overnight boarding, daycare, and litter training. If you are looking for a cattery that offers exceptional care for your cat, look no further than Cleracres Cattery.

3-Copperfield cattery

Welcome to Copperfield Cattery! Our indoor cabins are heated and provide a comfortable environment for your cat. Our outdoor runs offer plenty of space to run and play. We hope you will visit us soon!

4-Catsablanca cattery

Catsablanca Cattery is a family-run establishment located approximately one mile from Stratford-upon-Avon. The cats are cared for by Mrs. Truffaut and her three daughters who have been breeding cats for over 20 years. The cattery offers visitors the chance to view the cats, meet the animals, and learn about the cat breeds. There is also a shop where customers can buy gifts for their cat friends.

Looking for a low-cost cattery near you?

low cost lıst
low cost lıst
  • Here are some reliable options that offer pet care for a fraction of the cost of higher-end facilities.
    1. Cat House UK is a budget-friendly option that offers basic care for cats and kittens, from feeding and watering to providing playtime and toys. The cattery offers daily rates starting at £5 per day.
  • 2. Allied Cats is another affordable cattery that provides basic care for cats and dogs, including vaccinations, deworming, and microchipping. Rates start at £4 per day for cats and £6 per day for dogs.
  • 3. Catteries like Purrfect Kitten offer high-quality care at very reasonable prices. Rates start at just £2 per day for cats up to £8 per day for large households with multiple cats.

which one should i choose? cat sitter or cat nursery?

There are pros and cons to both cat sitting and cattery care. Cat sitting is generally cheaper than cattery care, but it can be more challenging to find a reliable cat sitter who will stay in contact with you regularly. Cattery care can be more expensive up front, but you may end up saving money in the long run because your cats will be healthier and happier. It’s important to do your research before choosing a care option for your cats, as there are many excellent options available.

Is It Bad to Leave a Cat Alone?

Contrary to popular belief, leaving a cat behind is not always harmful. In fact, according to the ASPCA, cats who spend time alone are less likely to develop behavioral problems and are more likely to be healthy and happy. However, if you must leave your cat home alone for an extended period of time, make sure he or she has plenty of toys, food and water to keep them entertained. And never leave your pet outside in cold weather – cats can die from hypothermia in just minutes.

Is Leaving Your Pet in Time Really Crucial?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been attracted to animals and wanted to keep them as pets. As time went on and people started moving into cities, they had to leave their pets behind. Nowadays, many people believe that it is important to leave their pets in time so that they don’t get lost or hurt. However, is this really the case? The answer may surprise you. It has been widely accepted that leaving a cat in a hospice is bad for the feline, but is it really that bad? Some people believe that leaving a cat in a hospice can actually be harmful to the animal, as they may feel abandoned and lonely. Others feel that cats who are left in hospices tend to receive better care than those who are left at home, and that they often have a stronger bond with the staff members. Ultimately, it is up to the individual pet owner to decide what is best for their cat.

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How long can I leave my cat alone at home?

Cats are amazing creatures, and for the most part, they thrive when left alone. However, there are a few caveats that owners should keep in mind when leaving their cats home alone. The first is that cats have a natural hunting instinct, which means that they may try to explore their surroundings or hunt small animals if left home alone. Therefore, it is important to make sure all of the cat’s toys and food are present before departing.
Another consideration is that cats prefer cooler climates than humans do, so if you live in a warm climate and leave your cat at home, they may become overheated or dehydrated. Make sure to provide plenty of water and cool surfaces for them to rest on during your absence.
Finally, be aware of potential dangers lurking in your home while you’re away.

Do cats know how long you are gone?

According to recent studies, cats seem to be able to sense when their owners are gone for an extended period of time. Researchers studied the behavior of cats who were left alone in different situations and found that they typically spent more time exploring their surroundings when they were left alone for short periods of time (less than an hour) than when they were left alone for long periods of time (more than an hour). However, the cats spent equal amounts of time investigating their surroundings regardless of how long they were left alone. This suggests that cats may be able to sense when their owners are gone for a short period of time and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Do cats miss their owners?

do cats miss their owners?
do cats miss their owners?

Cats have a way of hiding their emotions, so it’s difficult to know for sure. However, according to one study, cats do appear to miss their human companions. The study involved 18 homes with cats and 22 without cats. Researchers found that when the cat was removed from its home and placed in a new environment, it exhibited signs of sadness and loneliness. In contrast, when the cat was left alone in its original home, it showed no such signs of distress. It seems that cats may rely on humans to provide them with emotional support, which is why they appear to be sad when we leave them behind.

How long does it take for a cat to forget their owner?

According to some cat caregivers, it can take as little as a few hours for a cat to forget their owner. Other experts claim that it can take up to several days for a cat to completely lose their memory of the person who took care of them for the majority of their life. Regardless of the time frame, most experts agree that cats will eventually adjust and start interacting with new people in their lives.

Will my cat think I abandoned him when I go on vacation?

When you go on vacation, you may be worried about leaving your cat behind. But according to experts, cats understand abandonment and will not think you have abandoned them. Here are some tips to help make your trip worry-free for your cat:

  • -Make sure your cat is familiar with his or her surroundings before you leave. This will help ease any anxiety the cat may have.
  • – Keep in mind that cats are good at hiding their feelings, so don’t expect them to show any signs of being unhappy when you leave. In fact, some cats may even enjoy the peace and quiet while you’re gone!
  • – If your cat does seem upset by your departure, make sure to return as soon as possible. A quick trip home will usually clear up any confusion or anxiety your kitty may be feeling.

Will my cat forget me if I leave for a month?

If you’re considering leaving your cat for a month or more, there’s a good chance they’ll miss you. That said, cats are very adaptable animals and will likely adjust to their new surroundings fairly quickly. Make sure to leave some food and water out for them, and be sure to check in on them periodically to make sure everything is going okay. If you do have to leave them for an extended period of time, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the best way to care for them during your absence.

How many days can I leave my cat alone?

The answer to this question is different for every cat. Some cats may be able to handle being left alone for up to four days, while others may not be able to handle being left alone for any length of time. It is always important to monitor your cat when they are left alone, as there is a risk that they could become distressed or injured if they are not properly supervised.

What should I consider when choosing a cat care home?

When considering whether or not to leave your cat in a cat care home, there are a few things you should consider. First, research the quality of care the home offers. Make sure the staff has experience caring for cats and is up-to-date on the latest feline health trends. Also, be sure to interview the owners of the home and ask about their kitty’s favorite activities and toys. Finally, be sure to check out any recent reports or complaints against the home before making a decision.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a loving home for your cat and are near a major city, consider checking out a cattery. Catteries allow cats to live in a controlled and clean environment, providing them with the care and attention they need to live happy, healthy lives. If you’re interested in finding a cattery near you, be sure to visit the Petfinder website or contact your local animal shelter to get started.