best dog breeders in italy

If you are looking for the best dog breeders in italy you are in the right place

There are several dog breeders in Italy, but we’ve researched the best ones for you.

1-Montepoliziano dog breeders

best dog breeders in italy

Montepoliziano dog breeders they deal with almost all types of dogs. They breed all kinds of dog breeds. They have been operating since 1974.


2 -Dicasamarziali dog breeders

best dog breeders in italy

Dicasamarziali dog breeders are always with you with their experienced and helpful team.

Two dogs of the sheepdog: herding (Italian parator dog, bergamasco shepherd, Italian Spitz, “pumetti”, etc.) and guard (Abruzzese Mastiff, Sicilian Shepherd Dogs, Italian Cane Corso, Dogue Sarde, Fonni Dog, etc.).

Watchdogs: It happens a lot in the solitude of the cut as a vigilant canine dog (Italian Spitz and “pumetti”) and a deterrent to vagrants (Italian Cane Corso).

Hunting dogs: several of them and also used for use in a nearby place.

Small Dogs: Useful for wage hunting in silos (fox dogs).


3- İtalian kennel club

National institution Italian dog breeders association

Being an ENCI member allows:
Reduced rates for ENCI events
Reduction on the rates applied to the registrations of subjects to dog shows; free admission, for breeders members, to all dog shows; reduced admission to events for members of dog groups and specialized breed associations (See Article 19 of the Special Regulations for Dog Shows, effective from 1 January 2009)

Online consultation of the ENCI magazine
Official organ of the ENCI, the magazine offers the mirror of dog activities with particular regard to the herd book, zootechnics, the function of the dog in the social field that reflect the association’s purposes as a whole. It is not available on newsstands but is available online to all breeder members and members of dog groups and specialized breed associations recognized by ENCI


4-Allevamento Etruria

The Etruria 2000 kennel is located in the province of Viterbo about one hour north of Rome. In the structure it is possible to live experiences in close contact with nature by knowing the Beagle, Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Shetland breeds. An opportunity to get to know the breeds live. Choosing a puppy means knowing not only the parents but the complete live genealogy, as well as assessing the purity of the breeding.

The property can accommodate dogs during the holiday period.

The stud farm is also a riding center: “Le Valli”. It is possible to take riding courses in the full spirit of the countryside in a family and cheerful atmosphere.



My name is Alessandra D’Atanasio and I don’t know who I am yet, but I know what I love and what I do.

The animal world, especially dogs, as I remember my true interest and the greatest stimulus that has motivated my entire life.

I spent many days and nights of my childhood on horseback. The greatest fun for me was to observe the creatures… indiscriminately.

So at the age of 16 I got my first dog, Borderrina, where this incredible adventure began. Dog lovers is my story that will accompany me forever.

I was born in Rome, but soon I wanted to move to the countryside just to not put limits on this total devotion to animals and nature.

And a path full of incredible adventures that gradually brought me to this day. I’ve been breeding for 22 years.

I live in the countryside with my dogs, we have 2 hectares of land and a second farmhouse next to where I live. My dogs spend the whole day outside and the evening indoors. I love my dogs.


6-Allevamento amatoriale labrador

My name is Fabrizio Cascapera and in Torri in Sabina, a village in the Lazio countryside about 50 minutes from Rome, is my kennel where the main rule is care and respect for our four-legged friends.
The love for this breed began several years ago with the arrival of my first Labrador named Kira.
Later also thanks to the help and experience of my friend Victor Platia I was able (even if there is still a long way to go) to realize my little dream.
Love and passion has increased more and more until the purchase of Nike of Dreammore, a young female taken from a farm in Tuscany with which I participated in various beauty competitions, obtaining the title of young champion of San Marino.
The farm is surrounded by greenery, where the silence and the chirping of birds create a special atmosphere in contact with nature and in the company of these beautiful dogs.
If your dream is to have an affectionate and playful dog next to you, come and visit us.



The Di Colle Massimo kennel is located in the wonderful scenery of the Castelli Romani, near Rome, surrounded by greenery and tranquility. Here Golden Retriever dogs are born and raised in a healthy environment, free to run in the park and at the same time close to the city environment. The Di Colle Massimo kennel was born from a great passion for Golden Retriever dogs which, met with the professionalism and availability of the breeder, have contributed to creating a true oasis for dogs. Very few selected Golden Retriever litters are carried in the breeding farm.


8-Il Granaio dei Malatesta

Our Lagotti are born and grow up in a family environment, they are well socialized with other animals and people before being delivered. We breed only dysplasia-free dogs with official results and tested for juvenile and sd epilepsy.


9-Allevamento della rosciola

The Rosciola breeding
The Rosciola breeding is an amateur breeding recognized by the E.N.C.I. and by the F.C.I. specialized in the dogue de bordeaux and french bulldog breed.
The name “Rosciola” derives from a variety of olive trees present in our territory; in fact, the farm is located in the hills of the lower Sabina, on an agricultural estate in the countryside of Monterotondo, a few kilometers from Rome.

The breeding, also recognized at the regional level, is managed by the Chiara Milano farm. The company is mainly engaged in dog breeding and custody of dogs and collaborates with the dog center, so as to be able to offer, in addition to the breeding and custody service, particular attention to the growth and education of the dog.

The farm is managed with love, passion and professionalism by Chiara, Walter and Marcello.


New businesses will be added to the list of the best dog breeders in italy.