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If you need to find a 24 hour vet staten island that is open all day, every day, or night, then look for one of these symbols:-If you need an emergency vet to come out immediately, then this symbol should be present on the 24 hour vet staten island website:-Look for the following animal hospitals with emergency service in Staten Island. For more information about each hospital, click on the name and scroll down to read their profile.

Our veterinary services is vetrary services, veterinarian, and staten island animal hospital are here to provide quality care for your pet through research and development. We are a broadcast and online location for Staten Island Veterinary Services and Greater Staten Island Veterinary Services.

We provide quality care for your pet through research and development. Our pricy animals are always well- taken care of and are some of the most favorite creatures on the island. We have a wide selection of your favorite animals and some of the most favorite ones are on our list of services

Are you looking for a 24-hour veterinarian in staten island?


  • There is something special about humans and animals that cannot be described in words. Our four-legged family expert gives us unwavering friendship and loyalty and the joy of working with us. As a veterinarian, in New York State, we treat every pet like our pet. We owe it to our animals, you will give them not only the best animal care but also all the love and respect they deserve. We believe that all our clients and patient families, as well as our veterinary clinic, strive for a long-term relationship with them so that I always receive the best services. Please tell us to contact us and see our mission directly.


TELEPHONE NUMBER : 718 987 7777

STATEN İSLAND VETERİNARY GROUP (24 hour vet staten island )

  • Welcome to the Staten Island Veterinary Group that serves the area around Staten Island, and Neither is Nearby, nor is Dr. effs Effie K Kessler, Dr. Sparg Oseph Spargifiore, Dr. Courtney Massa, and Dr. Digiames DiGiuseppi provides expert care services and emergency response for the needs of its well-trained staff and your pet. We are a veterinarian near you.
  • The Staten Island Veterinary Group specializes in dogs, cats, small mammals (including ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats), and reptiles. We need veterinarians to provide the highest level of medical care. We use only medical equipment. Serve at the printing place and call home.
  • Our veterinary practice at Staten Island Veterinary Group is dedicated to compassionate care and a friendly and respectful relationship with pet owners, and helps you make important decisions regarding your pet’s care and well-being. Veterinarians on Staten Island welcome animal visits to the hospital, helping to accelerate their recovery.
  • The Staten Island Veterinary Group Group is committed to serving you and your pets because we want to be treated with respect, sincerity and honesty. We want to get to know our team, including our team.


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 718 370 0390 / 718 370 0391 / 718 370 039

PLEASANT PLAİNS ANİMAL HOSPİTAL ( 24 hour vet staten island )

  • Our pets bring so much into our lives that it is the grave of nature that we want to give them the best care when they are sick or injured. At Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, we are proud to be able to provide the latest medical care to animals. We offer a comprehensive range of animal health services to meet all the health needs of your beloved pet.


TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBER : 718 227 8387 / 347 296 3568

ANIMAL HEALTH GROUP ( 24 hour vet staten island )

  • Animal Health Group is your source for quality animal care. When it comes to Staten Island vets and veterinarians, we provide a range of basic services to help keep your pet healthy and happy. We know how important it is for your pet to visit the same vet all his life. Building a good relationship with your vet can help your pet feel comfortable and receive medical attention. That’s why we provide all the services we think your pet needs to fight disease, treat disease, and keep teeth and gums healthy.


TELEPHONE NUMBER : 718 980 6491


  • Greater Staten Island Veterinary Service (GSiVS) is a private emergency hospital on Staten Island that provides veterinary care to patients in need of medical care. The hospital has an experienced team of veterinarians, technicians and assistants; They are also fully trained to provide emergency medical care in wards.
  • Pets and your family will show care, attention and help from knowledgeable dedicated staff. Tinton Falls Park is one of two satellites in Tinton Falls Park. He has three hospitals. Many families of veterinarians on Staten Island and the surrounding communities serving physicians in the United Kingdom have enjoyed the trust of their staff and sick patients for over 20 years.
  • GSiVS works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your GP to provide urgent care, whether your office is closed or not. Our hospital also offers access to certified specialists in intensive care, cardiology and surgery.
  • It is easily accessible from the main shopping area, which Coral Island and New Jersey personally cross from all the Squirrel Islands, via the Getals and Bayonne bridges. The business center has plenty of parking spaces and civic amenities.24 hour vet staten island.We provide 24-hour veterinary service in Staten Island.


TELEPHONE NUMBER : 917 830 1380


  • If you live on or near Staten Island and need a reputable veterinarian to take care of your pets, look no further. Dr. Danielle Pugliese is a licensed New York veterinarian who treats all types of pets. The health and well-being of your pets are very important to us and we take all possible steps to give your pets the care they deserve.
  • Our goal at Veterinary Practice Eltingville is to provide our patients with compassionate, personal, and high-quality veterinary care. Through our commitment to serving our clients and patients in a respectful, professional, and friendly manner, we show our clients that we value them and strive to build long-term relationships with them and their pets. . We provide a caring and educational environment where people can learn to maximize the health and well-being of their pets and protect the health of the whole family. We continue to provide definitive diagnosis and treatment with minimal discomfort at every stage of your pet’s life, from ensuring healthy growth and improving health and well-being to reducing illness, pain, and discomfort. We are proud to have the most motivated, excellent staff and offer you a fun and positive atmosphere.
  • Eltingville Veterinary Practice is a full-service veterinary clinic that welcomes emergencies and pet patients who require regular medical, surgical, and dental practice. Dr. Danielle Pugliese has more than 10 years of experience in the treatment of serious diseases and provides regular health care for pets. In addition to first-class pet care, we make our hospital comfortable, child-friendly and peaceful, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our vet on Staten Island.


TELEPHONE NUMBER : 718 218 4118

You can call the Staten island emergency vets at any time. The Staten island vets provide full service 24 hours a day to care for your pet. For pet owners, vets are always at your service.

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