Bronx Veterinary Center Of Westchester Square ,Note on our operation: inspections and vaccinations can only be performed by appointment. Admission will begin one hour after the hospital opens. Make sure all pets get the attention they deserve, but you need to call in advance to see them.

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The choice of vet has always been dependent, and we respect our parents’ faith in us by working to improve our practices, both large and small. We believe that you will learn something new every day and pass this knowledge on to you so that you can feel the power to guide your pet’s life. Joining your best friend’s journey through life is a privilege we do not neglect. Wherever your pet is on this journey, you can rest assured that we are here, empowered by the experience, inspired by love.

As a member of your family, make sure you have the best possible life. That’s why it’s so important to work with a veterinarian who is really interested in both of you. October addition, we are pleased to support a wide range of services to meet unique veterinary needs. You can count on us every step of the way from the first opening to the present years! If you have any questions about the quality of our services or you can ask them by mail.

Additional Services

The loss of your beloved pet is the greatest and unforgettable moment of your life, and we are here for you and your family during these difficult times. The CALETA team is certified and we strive to provide the highest level of support, sympathy and support. Our special comfortable room is specially designed for more than one season, but you will spend your last and most memorable moments with your beloved Fita.

If you have any questions about our end-of-life care, please contact us.

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