how to cure mouth rot in bearded dragons

How To Cure Mouth Rot İn Bearded Dragons, Will my bearded dragon die?

What causes mouth rot in bearded dragons?

Your bearded dragons is exposed to a variety of health issues caused by his own mouth. Mouth rot is the most frequent dental problem. Ulcerative Stomatitis, often known as mouth rot, is an infection of your lizard’s gums and mouth caused by minor wounds and food lodged in his teeth. If left untreated, the illness has the potential to kill your reptile.

In most cases, mouth rot needs injectable antibiotics as well as antiseptic mouth rinses.
Supplemental nutrition may be required for dragons who are too painful to eat.

Is mouth rot curable?

Treatment. After your veterinarian confirms the existence of mouth rot via a physical exam, medications and a thorough cleaning of your pet’s mouth will most likely be prescribed. Surgery may be necessary in extreme situations to remove dead or severely damaged oral tissue.

How much does it cost to cure rot in bearded dragons?

After surgery, your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics, pain relievers, and care instructions for your bearded dragon. The checkup, operation, and treatments for bearded dragon tail rot may cost up to $400. Though costly, this operation may be vital and lifesaving.

Is mouth rot uncomfortable?

Stomatitis is the general term for the medical illness known as mouth rot.
It happens when bacteria in the mouth overgrow, producing discomfort, swelling, and infection.

Why is the tongue of my bearded dragon black?

This might be a sign of illness (specifically, mouth rot) or a symptom of trauma. To make the diagnosis, Mojo should be evaluated by your veterinarian or a physician who is knowledgeable in treating reptiles. Treatment will be determined by the diagnosis.


The Oral Cavity Patches

The first sign to check for is in your bearded dragon’s mouth.
Examine your bearded dragon’s mouth cavity and search for spots of yellow and gray or white and gray.
Most of the time, these patches are tiny, but examine attentively to see whether patches of certain hues are there.

Assuming those patches are present, your bearded dragon is suffering from mouth rot.

There is no appetite.

However, such patches are not always there or are difficult to detect.
If that’s the case, there are a few more indicators to check for.
The more of these symptoms you detect, the more likely it is that you have mouth rot.

Eating is tough and uncomfortable for a bearded dragon when it has mouth rot.
As a result, if you find your bearded dragon eating much less than usual, they may be suffering from mouth rot.

Bloating is normal even though a bearded dragon with mouth rot consumes significantly less than usual.
If your bearded dragon is eating less yet bloating up, this is a clear indication that he has mouth rot.

Teeth that are loose/broken

The loosening or full loss of your bearded dragon’s teeth is one of the most severe signs.
Both of these symptoms are indicative of mouth rot.
More than that, they pose a major health danger and need prompt veterinary attention for your bearded dragon.

Gum Bleeding

Bleeding gums as a sign of mouth rot is unusual.
However, it is a significant symptom that frequently indicates that your bearded dragon has been suffering from mouth rot for some time and is far overdue for a visit to the doctor.

How Do You Avoid Mouth Rot?

What if it isn’t mouth decay?

Even if it seems to be mouth rot or another ailment, it isn’t always the case. Rather, the problems your bearded dragon is experiencing might be the result of another sickness altogether, or they could be a fully normal aspect of your bearded dragon’s lifestyle.

Before you do anything, you must ensure that the mouth rot symptoms you are experiencing are true.

Antibiotics are used to treat mouth rot. You must take your bearded dragon to the vet to acquire these antibiotics. However, if you identify mouth rot early enough, you may remove the illness using a tried-and-true home cure.


Before we get into the details of this home treatment, there’s one thing you should know: it should only be taken if mouth rot has just started.
This home cure is no longer useful when the symptoms of mouth rot grow more visible and harmful.

This video explains the solution.

Check for any health concerns.
To prevent severe disease, have your bearded dragon exhibits evaluated by your veterinarian very away