cobble hill bond vet

Cobble Hill Bond Vet,We’re a Different Kind of Bond
Vet is a veterinary clinic that puts the needs of both you and your pet first.
Because that’s how we like to do things when it comes to pet care.

Making an Appointment

If your pet needs immediate medical attention or routine health care, please consider bringing him to our clinic.

Intimate Opening Hours

Even on holidays, we’re open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.


Telehealth allows you to communicate with one of our veterinarians at any time.

Veterans who care

Your furry friends are in excellent hands with us.

Both general and urgent care are available at our facility.
If your pet is acting strangely and urgent veterinarian attention is required, you may still bring him in for a routine checkup and immunizations.

Urgent care is the first step in our effort to improve the human-animal relationship via improved pet care.

A primary care clinic may not be able to fit in a visit to the emergency room for dogs because of the same symptoms they display to people.
As pet owners, we need a location where we can quickly and easily receive answers that is both reassuring and truthful.

cobble hill bond vet our purpose and services

There have been tens of thousands of cats and dogs treated since our Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, clinic opened in June 2019.
A full-service veterinary clinic has evolved from its roots in emergency treatment to include everything from wellness checks and vaccinations to spay/neuter surgery, dental cleaning and overseas health certifications.

For both our patients (who nearly always have access to same-day appointments) and our medical staff (for whom a diverse case mix affords opportunity to learn and develop and practice at the pinnacle of their license), this range is a win-win for everyone involved!
The team’s enthusiasm for veterinary care is driven by the variety of patients they see.

And that’s what Bond is all about – people are at the heart of what we do.
For a veterinarian’s office, that’s a little out of the ordinary.
For this reason, we created Bond, a long-term veterinarian employment option and a high-quality medical facility.
As a result, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.
There are a lot more pets out there to care for as a result of current trends in pet ownership!
Meet some of the folks that make it their mission in life to accomplish exactly that.

bond vet price

check-up60 $
dog grooming cost45 $ – 250 $
cat grooming cost35 $ – 200 $
Laboratory test350 $
vaccination services35 $ – 50 $
contact for all prices

bond vet locations

Founded in June 2019, the New York-based firm presently has 11 locations in the New York City region after securing $170 million from Warburg Pincus in the autumn of 2022.

bond vet chelsea

At our Chelsea animal hospital, we’re working to deepen the link between people and their pets by providing better care.
All of our veterinarian offices are designed with pets in mind.
Our veterinary clinic is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, with soothing colors and furnishings, as well as a staff that has been specially educated to help your pet feel at rest throughout their stay.
Everything from vaccinations to stomach problems to “Hmmm, my cat is behaving a bit funny today” may be handled at our Chelsea vet facility, which provides both routine and urgent care.
In addition, our emergency care is half the price of what you’d pay at a typical hospital.

All of your wellness and emergency care needs may be met at our clinic, including immunizations, yearly checkups, and those last-minute emergencies when you need to see a veterinarian immediately.

In addition to the $25 nose-to-tail inspection for new customers, we provide a wide range of tests and treatment alternatives.

With a focus on both human and animal well-being, we created our environments to be as uncluttered as possible.
Our clinics provide a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the use of soft colors, plush furnishings, dim lighting, and a variety of entertainment options, such as toys for dogs and novels for humans.

bond vet astoria

Long Island City and Ditmar’s Steinway inhabitants as well as those from Astoria and the surrounding boroughs will appreciate its central location.

To ensure that our patients get the best possible treatment, we take pride in providing it in a setting that is both welcoming and relaxing.
We’re available every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (including holidays) and can usually accommodate same-day appointments.
To expedite the check-in process, come on in person or make a reservation online.