how much does a toxicologist make?

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What does a toxicologist do?

A toxicologist is a scientist that is knowledgeable of diverse scientific disciplines like biology and chemistry. They generally uses chemicals and other substances in order to determine if they’re harmful or poisonous to human beings as well as other living organisms, or to the environment.

Toxicologists study the properties of chemical agents. They study biochemical and cellular reactions to determine harmful substances. They then search for solutions. They also conduct studies to determine the safest doses of chemicals such as exhaust fumes, pesticides to vitamins

Level of Education for a toxicologist?

Does a toxicologist attend medical school?

Medical school is a complete program, as well as residency education in a variety of areas. Most medical toxicologists have a background in emergency medicine, but some have training in preventive medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine. All medical toxicologists have to be able to complete the medical toxicology fellowship.

What are the subjects you should major in so that you can become a toxicologist?

What is the best major to pursue to become a toxicologist ? The majority of toxicologists, about 27 percent to be precise are majoring in biology. Other majors that are common for toxicologists include Chemistry and pharmacology.

Is it a major that is hard?

Toxicology is an arduous field that requires both expertise and dedication. When you are in the field you’ll find you can do work that is fascinating and can make a significant impact around the globe.

Is it a medical specialty to study toxicology?

Medical Toxicology is an official recognized subspecialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties

How much does it cost to become a toxicologist?

The path to education for toxicologists includes studies on drugs, overdose exposure to chemicals and other related topics. The cost for the bachelor’s program is $55,000 per year for students who are not from the state or $32,000 for residents..

Professionals in the mid-range with a PhD with a minimum of 10 years of work experience can anticipate earning around $70,000-$100,000 annually. The majority of executive positions in toxicology are more than $100,000 annually Some corporate toxicologists who are executive toxicologists make more than $200,000.

Toxicologists earn $75,862 a year in the average year, or $38.96 an hour across the United States. Toxicologists working at the bottom of that spectrum, in the lower 10%, to be precise are paid around $47,000 each year and high-end 10% earn 125,000.

Toxicologist Salary by State

Top Paying Cities for Toxicologists

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Green River, WY$103,611$8,634$1,993$49.81
Santa Clara, CA$98,579$8,215$1,896$47.39
San Francisco, CA$96,516$8,043$1,856$46.40
Washington, DC$95,151$7,929$1,830$45.75
Fremont, CA$94,434$7,869$1,816$45.40
Los Angeles, CA$93,631$7,803$1,801$45.02
Jersey City, NJ$93,331$7,778$1,795$44.87
Marysville, WA$91,866$7,656$1,767$44.17
San Jose, CA$91,754$7,646$1,765$44.11
Germantown, MD$91,700$7,642$1,763$44.09

Which Companies Pay The Most Toxicologists?

Rank  Company  Average Salary  Hourly Rate  Job Openings  
1Exxon Mobil$142,136$68.333
3Sasol Chemicals (USA) LLC$108,955$52.383
4Church & Dwight Co.$108,750$52.2839

Understand the total compensation opportunity, base salary and other pay elements for a Toxicologist

The 2022 average salary for a toxicologist within the US is $85831. What’s the salary the average Toxicologist earn in your area? Find a free pay report right now.

What tax do you need to pay as a toxicologist?

If you’re an individual taxpayer who falls into this tax bracket, you’d pay an average federal tax for 2022 of 24 percent. After a tax rate of federal of 24% is removed, toxicologists can anticipate a take-home salary of $75,796 per year which is roughly 3155 dollars 

How do I determine what my salary is adequate?

Six ways to figure out what you’re entitled to be paid — before you negotiate your salary or increase

  1. Look up local job ads. …
  2. Find out if HR has to inform you. …
  3. Search online for salary databases. …
  4. Discuss your ideas with your colleagues. …
  5. Connect to your network. …
  6. Have a chat with your co-workers who are going to be your future colleagues.

toxicologist working hours

Expect to be working between 40 and 60 hours per week when you are managing the rigors of a demanding workload and meet strict deadlines. The hours you work must be flexible since toxicologists working in the field are expected to be on call 24/7 to gather and analyze evidence. Additionally, working in the field , visiting crime scenes can need extended or irregular hours.

Do toxicologists work on weekends?Work environment for toxicologists

The majority of employees work full-time during normal business hours however, occasionally overtime is required during busy times. Toxicologists may require on weekends or nights for lengthy tests.

Common Health Benefits for a Toxicologist

The federal government has a solid scientific basis for the development of rules and policies with the aim of safeguarding and protecting both the health of the human being as well as the environment.

Companies, like chemical and pharmaceutical can develop safer medicines, products and workplaces.