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the pet blog lady celebrating our pets 2022

Welcome here to The Pet Blog Lady Blog and I’m sure you’ll discover something you like here. Don’t forget to look out for giveaways, too. I love giving things away. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

We celebrate the love we have to our animals. Stories that showcase the remarkable connection between humans with their pet. Special spotlights on pet-related companies and services. Fun and a bit of slapstick too. The amazing bond that humans share with their pets and other animals generally. We promote pet-loving entrepreneurs who have designed high-quality products and services for pet owners.

about Me pages can be difficult to write. Similar to that interview question we all fear. “So, tell me a bit about yourself”. The pictures could provide a clue to my character and clear great upbringing, but below are some action-packed point-form pieces of information that can give you a better picture.

  • I’m 57. That’s an old 12 (at at least in my situation)
  • I am Canadian but the majority of my readers come located in the USA. I’d like to expand my readership and stalker circle to other regions of the globe.
  • You could say that I completely understand the “3 P’s” “…. Peppy Polite, Pale and Peppy.
  • My favorite subjects are squirrels, salty snacks , and T-rexs.
  • If someone doesn’t like animals, then they’re dead to me.
  • My bike is my companion as well. My Honda is called Holly. (Holly Wanda Honda to be precise.)
  • Family is everything to me.
  • By day I was an Insurance Underwriter and Mortician Assistant. However, I recently quit my job to be mom’s caregiver.
  • I have two degrees (University of Winnipeg, and Simon Fraser) and one Diploma in Radio Broadcasting (Humber College)
  • I was raised with three brothers, and I did pretty well.
  • Being a blogger can be so great fun and I enjoy watching this medium grow in popularity and gain recognition and appreciation within the world of marketing..
  • I support the underdog.
  • Swimming makes me smile. Bowling, not so much.

the pet blog lady celebrating our pets